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Blocked Drains? Drain Experts: JSC Plumbing – Wollongong

Blocked sink and bathtub beginning to overflow
Call a professional plumber before your blocked drain gets out of hand

Do you have a blocked stormwater or sewer drain in need of repair? We can help. If you’re in Wollongong or the greater Illawarra area, JSC Plumbing are your local drain experts. The qualified professionals at JSC will find out why your drains are blocked, and determine the best way to get them flowing freely again.

  • Licensed professional plumbers equipped with the latest in drain cleaning technology
  • Water jet, CCTV and electric eel and excavator machines available
  • 24/7 emergency service for urgent cases

Don’t wait for disaster

Drainage is something most of us take for granted – until something goes wrong. Tree roots, damaged or misaligned pipes, and built-up material deposits can all be a major source of heartache. It doesn’t take much for a backed-up pipe to become a real drainage disaster, so if you’re seeing backflow or slow drainage, don’t hesitate; call JSC Plumbing to unblock drains right away. We'll solve your small problems before they turn into big ones.

Our trained experts are experienced with unblocking drains. A JSC plumber can locate and remove all sorts of blockages, including:

  • Tree roots: Trees on your property can cause serious problems when they spread their roots too close to your drainage pipes. Large roots can pierce, crack or crush your pipes, while fine roots can invade through existing cracks or failing seals to create a major obstruction. We can sometimes unblock these drains with an electric eel machine, but severe cases may require replacement.
  • Misaligned drains (offset):  Pipes often move slightly with the natural settling of nearby soil, especially where a leak is already present. When this movement is excessive, it creates an offset between two sections of pipe, leaving them misaligned. Badly misaligned sections catch debris and other obstructions, leading to blockages as well as severe leakage. Unblocking misaligned or offset drains usually requires replacement.
  • Collapsed drains: Pipes can be crushed by heavy roots, or when natural movement causes them to press against obstructions like brickwork. The narrowed opening slows water flow and catches debris, often leading to severe blockages. To unblock collapsed drains, a replacement is usually required.
  • Fats and oils: In kitchen drains especially, fats and oils washed down the sink coat the drain and build up over time, eventually causing slowing and blockage. We can unblock drains with fat deposits using a water jet machine.
  • Other waste matter: Particularly in toilet and bathroom pipes, blockages can often be caused by excessive quantities of paper, or the disposal of inappropriate materials that get caught in the system. We can unblock drains clogged with waste matter by using water jet or electric eel machines.

Obviously, there are plenty of potential culprits when you find your drains blocked. The good news is, the plumbing professionals at JSC know how to identify the cause of your drain's blockage – and they have the tools and training they need to get rid of it.

Plumber fixing blocked drain under sink
Oils/fats and food waste blockages are common offenders in kitchen drains

The right tool for the job

JSC ensures our tradespeople are trained and equipped with the latest in drain cleaning technology. We’ll always use the right tool for the right job, so you don’t wind up paying extra charges for ineffective techniques or inexperienced operators.

  • Water jetter (drain jetting): Also known as hydrojets, these machines feed a hose through the drain that fires a high pressure water jet, flushing out stubborn blockages and scouring the inside of the pipe for an intensive clean. Water jetting is ideal for clearing fat deposits and other temporary blockages.
  • Electric Eel: Also known as a drain snake or sewer snake, this machine features a high-powered spinning cutter to effectively clear the most stubborn obstructions, even larger tree roots.
  • CCTV (drain camera): If the cause of an obstruction isn’t clear, a closed-circuit TV camera on a flexible line can be used to capture photos or video of the pipe from inside. CCTV is a great way to investigate recurring or long-term blockages, or inspect the state of pipes after they’ve been cleared.
  • Excavator: Obviously you want to avoid digging up your property if possible, but if excavation is the only practical solution, at least you know you’re in good hands. Our compact mini excavators will get to the source of the problem as quickly as possible, so your home or business can get back to normal.

Whether your job is commercial or residential, JSC Plumbing is dedicated to giving our customers outstanding results every time. Our experienced, fully licensed and insured tradespeople are committed to delivering you the best service possible at a price that’s always fair, even for the most complicated jobs. Choose JSC Plumbing to fix your blocked drains, and you’ll discover why we call ourselves drain experts!

No matter how big or small your plumbing excavation job, we'll get it done!
No matter how big or small your plumbing excavation job, we'll get it done!

Blockage that just can’t wait?

When drainage goes wrong, it often goes disastrously wrong – especially if you operate a business from your property. When that happens, you don’t want to wait for normal opening hours to roll around! That’s why JSC Plumbing operates a 24/7 emergency plumbing service, for all your urgent drain cleaning needs. Our skilled professionals are available any time of day to attend your drainage emergency – so rest assured, no matter when disaster strikes, JSC will be there to help.

Call now for immediate solutions

Whether you have a little backflow or a full-blown drainage disaster, JSC Plumbing are the experts to call. Contact James on 0422 758 071 and let us provide the best and most affordable solution to your drainage problems. We know you’ll be impressed!